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Being a Tortosa resident has its perks! Aside from the Tortosa Community Discounted rate, Tortosa residents have FREE bulk pick-up on the first Saturday of each month (unless a Holiday falls on the weekend). View the bulk pick-up guidelines below and also the list of 2022 dates!
How to schedule for bulk pick-up:
  • Call Waste Management at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled pick-up date so they can add your address to their route. 
  • Make sure that you have read the bulk pick-up guidelines. There are some items they do not accept along with size restrictions. 
  • Waste Management will confirm your pick-up and you are all set! 
Contact Information for Waste Management

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Are you thinking of selling your home in Tortosa?
Are you a realtor looking for resale information or closing fees? All that information can be found on www.homewisedocs.com We also have an information sheet on "What to know before you sell

Landscaping in Arizona
Living in Arizona, we know that it can be challenging at times to maintain some green landscape. We found this awesome, very informative article from The University of Arizona's Department of Plant Sciences, on "Ground Covers for Arizona Landscaping."
It features a great deal of information on the Arizona landscape and how to help it grow and maintain here. 
They definitely do have some insight on what type of plants do best in Arizona and how to give them a chance in this dry heat. Take some time to check it out, it might give you the answer to the landscape issues you didn't know you had.