Welcome to our Lifestyle page! 
CCMC is a unique community association management company, with the utmost priority to put people first. The purpose of incorporating "Lifestyle" is to grow a strong sense of connection and identify with you, our Tortosa residents. The Tortosa Lifestyle Program services not only to host events and entertainment, but to instill Tortosa with a sense of community and pride! We strive to make sure everyone is happy to live here! 
Meet your Lifestyle Director, Christine!
Christine has a deep love and understanding for the City and its residents. She believes in the importance of family and unity. Which is what she brings to the table! This is done through event coordination, community outreach, and providing opportunities for Tortosa residents to meet each other to instill a sense of “community” within the neighborhood. Click the calendar tab to view all of the upcoming events! Click here to view recent newsletters.

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