Home Paint Colors
Is it time to paint your house?! Now we have made it even easier for you to see all the different paint schemes you are able to use!
Below are just a few reminder's when choosing your new colors that will hopefully answer most inquiries:
  • A Design Application must be submitted for approval prior to painting. 
  • It is the homeowner’s responsibility to provide their contractor with the proper information.  Should your project not be approved following inspection you will be required to correct any violation and repaint.
  • All contracted painters are encouraged to visit the Association office for questions and guidelines. 
  • We are excited to provide the following links with digital uploads of all available paint colors!
Approved Colors:
Mixing of colors between schemes is acceptable as long as:
Body is used for Body, Trim or Doors
Trim is used for Trim or Doors
Accent is used for Shutters, Decorative Pop-Outs, and Doors
For specific painting guidelines click here.
Accent colors may NOT be used for body or for trim.
Trim colors cannot be used as Body.
For clarity or questions please contact the HOA office at 520-423-9706.
 Click HERE to view some beautifully painted homes in Tortosa.
If you have recently painted your house and want to participate in our Show off your Home Gallery please email Alex at areyes@ccmcnet.com.
Exterior Painting – Clarifying Color and a few other questions:
As of July 2015 new exterior home paint colors have been approved and added to the existing color schemes of Tortosa. 
Painting Clarifications: 
Q and A
Q:  Do I have to notify the HOA that I am painting?
A:  Yes, you are required to fill out a Design Submittal Application that provides approved paint codes for the body, trim and accent of your home. Additionally if you have contracted a painter, the painter/company name is on the application.    This is for record purposes.  If you have a painter who does not paint according to what is submitted, they will be required to correct the violation. 
Q:  Can I paint my home the color that it is?
A:  Yes, you can paint your home the original color painted by the builder.  Keep in mind you need to have a color # code to provide to the painter or to the paint company should you be painting your own home.  ALL of Tortosa original colors are at least 10 years old therefore, faded.  When you paint with the original color matched with the color code your home will look darker, richer and newly painted. 
Q:  Do I have to hire a painter?
A:  No, you can paint your own home.  Regardless if you hire a painter or paint yourself, the guidelines need to be followed. 
Q:  Are the block walls connected to my home to be painted?
A:  Yes, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to maintain their block wall to the property line.  You may re-paint the block wall with Mesa Tan, or you may re-paint the block wall with the body color of your home. 
Q:  Can I create my own color scheme?
A:  You are able to choose colors from different schemes as long as:
Body is used for Body/Trim/Garage door color
Trim is used for Trim/Garage door color
Accent is used for Accent color only (ex. Shutters & Front door) 
Visit www.dunnedwards.com/colors/instcolor/web where you can preview what your color scheme will look like. 
Q:  Do I have to use an accent color?
A:  No, you may use a two-toned color scheme.