Your Tortosa Team
Your CCMC Management Team
The team at Tortosa takes great pride in your community and is here to provide exceptional management and assistance to you and your family, making Tortosa the BEST place to call home.
Chris Hashisaki -- Community Manager
(To the left)
As your Community Manager it is Chris's pleasure to assist in maintaining your community as a Team.  The Homeowners, Board of Directors and Management Team are all intricate parts to the success of making Tortosa the best place to live.  We are proud to represent your community and invite your questions, concerns, ideas and visits. 
Shana Smith -- Covenants Coordinator
(To the right)
Shana is always happy to answer any questions regarding your community. She has extensive work experience in property management and will be working hard to help our community stay up to Tortosa standards! Shana is great at providing architectural information and community guidelines to our residents. With the Tortosa Community's best interest at heart and her professional and optimistic outlook, Shana keeps things flowing in a positive direction for Tortosa.
Christine Garcia -- Lifestyle Director
(To the left)
As a Maricopa native, Christine has a deep love and understanding for the City and its residents. She believes in the importance of family and unity. Which is what she brings to the table! This is done through event coordination, community outreach and providing opportunities for Tortosa residents to meet each other to instill the sense of “community” within the neighborhood. 
Alejandra Reyes -- Administrative Assistant
(To the right)
Alex is the administrative assistant for Tortosa.  She is skilled in handling customer requests and is eager to greet you with a smile and a warm welcome every time!