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Daniel Stewart
Service Area: Arizona
Description: Daniel Stewart is the owner of the business. He has lived and worked in Arizona for over twenty years. The number one priority is to make sure the customer is happy once the job is done. Daniel has never had any complaints under the Better Business Bureau or his ROC license.Specializing in exterior painting and stucco repair for over twenty years all over the valley.
Services: Specializes in complete exterior painting and repair work such as repair work applying to stucco, masonry, wood, etc.We do not use cheap paint but only quality paint. We repair cracks and holes and chips in the stucco and not only big cracks, holes and stucco damage but we interact with the minutiae of the stucco meaning the small cracks, holes, chips and damage in the stucco. So we patch and seal all of the big cracks and damage down to the smallest cracks and damage and every thing in between. We scrape, prime and fill any splits and/or holes in the wood work of job.

The wood fascia on most of the homes in Arizona tend to become dry and split with the Arizona climate so we take the extra time to prime all of the wood fascia all the way around the home to smoothed out that wood fascia and fill the splits in. Any wood that may need replaced, we replace. We Also repair any masonry work on the home like cement foundations, such as scraping the stem walls and applying masonry primer to all of the stem wall around the home . We also repair all dry wall such as the exterior ceilings of the home like the patio and front entry way.

All of the home is power cleaned before any thing else is done to the home and all of the walkways, lights, door handles, windows, etc. are covered with plastic, paper and tape. All work is therefore done in an orderly and clean fashion. No hidden clauses or agreements in the contract presented to the agreeing customer. Payment only upon completion.
Address: 4904 S. Power Rd. Mesa, AZ 85212
Phone: 480-251-9562
Email: danielstewart1493@gmail.com
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